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As I suggested the secret is for the crew to grab the righting line and go over once the boat is definately capsizing and thereby eith stop the capsize or at least stop it inverting.

If you find yourself with an inverted boat- I have never considered whether to go round the stern or bow – just get one each side at the shroud position! Get the helm to throw the “floating” polypropolyne line over the upturned hull and you can use it to help you scramble up onto the hull. Helm should then go to the stern and help swim boat round so that mast & rig are downwind (never Upwind – boat just flips over once wind gets under sails). Once boat is horizontal helm gets into hull so that they are scooped up as boat comes up and ready to immediately free off sheets, grab tiller and start sailing water out immediately crew are back in boat (useing toe/foot loop in righting line).

Gee I wish we were as good at sailing as we are at righting a capsize!!