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With a small light helm and tending to fat (but not tall) crew (thats me!) that were always prepared to fly a spinnaker as soon as anyone else did I consider myself an expert on righting lines!

We use a polyproplene rope (it floats!) in which I formed loops at one end to go round the shroud positions. I knot the rope every 450mm and form a foot loop at exactly the right height so that I can use it as a foothold to heave myself over the sides after righting. Total length of righting line I judged on worse case standing on an inverted boat with backside against the centreboard and having enough rope for a good pull! Do not underestimate the importance of a foot loop as you can be very tired especially if it is cold and windy and you have been struggling to turn the boat round so that the mast and sails are downwind before trying to right the capsize. In our Woody we never bothered bailing but always went on a reach or broad reach (if capsize while downwind sailing)and sailed the water out through the bailers and completed the race. Obviously it becomes more difficult in a sea with waves but inland and Poole Harbour we always managed it and completed the race. At best I could grap the righting line (that I left hanging inboard) as we started to go over (just past the point of no return!) and throw myself over the side and immediately right the boat with the helm still in it. Its a matter of practice and we seemed to have plenty at times as we always went out whatever the conditions if others did!

Hope this helps.