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Colin Parkstone

Well Gordon lets help, or not? you a bit shall we.
Your mast is not a standard Wayfarer mast, this is a Proctor beta, or beta plus. This is why your shrouds go to the chain plate and not a adjuster. i would say that the mast has been fitted to the boat the best way it could with what someone could get hold of.
Do you have Wayfarer sails i wonder, could be to short in the mast length if a cut down mast from another class.
Your right about the boom end, inboard end that is. I takes the Tack of the sail.
The other end has too smaller pulley for the mainsheet.
The slider on the top of the transom is just that,would be best if it slid across from side to side but as is will do!
Holes on the capping aft of the thwart, could be fo a mainsheet jammer but more likely the class plate which would have been Blue with numbers stamped on it.
Halyards, if they do the job, fine.
The genoa is hanked to the forstay and fixed at the bow, just aft of the forstay fitting, then pulled tight against the shrouds.
Kicker could be better but does some kind of a job for you.
Clean bailers with water to remove sand and cover if they let in too much water when sailing slow.