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Thanks- great reply!

Matching the colours at the end of the job will probably be a job for paint: the waterline on my boat is in yellow, with white above and below- and the area to be repaired, whilst quite small (about 6″ by 4″) would have three bands of colour in it.

The existing skin is all there, though, and all the right colour- it just has cracks in it. So I was starting to wonder if I could manage a neater job by going in ‘from behind’ (via an inpection hatch), building up glass/epoxy from the inside, and simply ensuring that the outer hull adhered well to this and returned to a being nice flat surface with the cracks closing themselves up.

I hadn’t even thought of stiffeners getting in the way, though. Would it be daft to try and find these wih a stud detector? Or does anyone have enough knowledge of the design/construction of the World to find out if this is indeed a problem?

Cutting a hole for an inpection hatch won’t require quite such a large dram! But will it lead to a bodge job? It does have the advantage that any future repairs might be accessible from the same hatch.

I would attach a photo but alas the camera was drowned earleir this year whilst launching a Wayfarer off a beach (don’t leave them in the thigh pocket of your oilies…).