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@Mike Summers wrote:

Thanks Swiebertje, I wonder why you think 2 pot paint is the best, I was thinking about using garage floor (one pot) paint.

Because two pot paint is more durable then most other marine paints. Keep in mind that the floorboards are a surface we walk and work on in contrast to, for example, the bilges. The floor boards have to cope with much greater mechanical stresses than other parts of the hull.

I know that garage floor paint is very durable. The paint I have in my garage (Her Majesty’s color) has tanks drive over it without much problems (not in my garage). Concrete however is a much stiffer and more porous surface than our floorboards. I have no idea how concrete paint behaves on our floppy floor boards. If it gets rock hard it may chip off but it may be a solution just as good as marine two pot, I don’t know.

My advice comes from personal experience (and from Ian Porter). I would never give an advice on this board unless I am sure it works. I have used some unusual paints but only time can tell if they work. I would not feel comfortable giving those solutions as advice to others.
Other sailors may have yet more good solutions that I don’t know about. That is the beauty of this bulletin board.

Why anyone would want to paint the bilges is beyond me. Nobody ever sees them. Why waste good money on them?