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As regards the suppliers I am sure there are many good ones out there but I have been happy with the service I have had from CFS here: also to be found on 01209 821028.

They do West epoxy and International paint, all the solvents and core materials you need and they offer a three day slow delivery or a 1 day fast service (for a small premium). There are helpful people on the end of the phone to give you advice too.

I am interested in views on what paint to use on the floorboards, which have to be a little bit flexible as well as resistant to abrasion, water and salt as well as give a bit of grip. As has been observed you spend an awful lot of money on paint and stuff for a boat, but the floor boards come out quite easily so i would have thought that a treatment that needs an occasional rub-down and re-coat should be ok.

Any thoughts?