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@gvjones wrote:

I’m just about to paint/varnish my c/b after a winter renovation. Whilst awestruck by the finish obtainable with glass fibre epoxy sheathing & lots of time dedication and skill as demoed on the Wayfarer International site

Skil: None, I learned as I went along. It was the first time I worked with these materials. (I am a system architect and project manager by profession).

Time: 45 minutes a day for 10 days.

Dedication: It took more to write the essay, process the pictures, etc.

As others will agree, glassing makes the board so much stronger and durable. Trust me, you will regret the day you decided not to glass it after you break yours and have to negotiate a new laminated racing board with Porters… (Have a quick peak at their on line price list).
Just stick to the instructions on the packages and use what ever tips and tricks you find on the web. If all else fails, ask this forum.