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I have a nice slab reefing system on the main, with two reefs, and the lines led to the gooseneck. Quick and easy, and having two reefs means the first one can go in without much loss of boat speed, so it is an easy decision.
By contrast, the genoa is a wire luff type and not hanked to the forestay. When you drop it underway it invariably goes in the water. Swapping down to the smaller jib is a bit of a pain, more knots to tie as you swap sheets, the genoa must be rolled and bagged, not pleasant when it is sopping wet!

So I would tend to reef the main first, primarily because it is much easier. I also find the helm remains lighter than when I fly jib and full main.

Next step would be to swap the genoa for the jib, then drop in the second reef in the main, and then get rid of the jib altogether. I have sailed on very gnarly days a few times like that (usually midwinter when desperate to get out on the water!) but upwind progress is a bit painful.