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Hi Roger

I used to simply tie the reefing points down to the boom and it works but its very slow. I’ve now got the reefing line system to pull the cringle to the boom and a hook at the gooseneck. If I’m only taking one reef I don’t tie in the points at all. You sit or stand near the mast and do the whole lot from there – slack off the kicker – pull the reefing line in which lifts the boom up, drop the sail to hook into the reefing point at the gooseneck, take up the tension on the halyard, kicker back on, sheet in and off you go.

The main problem with just tying them down (ie no reefing line) is that you want to let the mainsail out a fair bit to take the pressure out of the sail and flatten the boat while reefing. When you do that the boom end can be a fair bit outboard and I found I just couldn’t reach it to tie down the cringle. I ended up having to more or less completely drop the sail so that I could get it all in-board to work on it, which was very slow and it meant I often didn’t do it because of the hassle. The reefing line setup is much better – it’s worth the time to set it up.