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For what it is worth, here is a photograph of the thwart on Kez, my Mk II.

The genoa sheets come to tracks set between the slats of the front bench although I have subsequently moved them so they are screwed direct onto the innner edge of the outer slat as I found the strain on the bolts fixing the piece of timber onto which they were fixed was causing the quite substantial bolts to bend. I am seriously considering fixing some “cruising” genoa fairleads and cleats on the side decks so that I can remove the cars from the tracks and thus make the forward benchs rather more comfortable for the crew when on an expedition.

You can also see that I have brought the kicker up through a pair of those inclined base cam-cleats just inboard of the side benches, thus I have kept my options open whether I fit the rear benches or not. Unfortunately the kicker was not run when I took the photograph but you can see the cam-cleats in the foreground. I find the benches get in the way a bit too much when racing but I am working towards a sleeping platfom and may want to fit them for cruising.

The tail of the kicker is brought aft to turning blocks which are a pair of cheek blocks bolted to two pieces of paxolin each screwed into a meaty timber laminated to the underside of the thwart close to the centreboard (one each side). There is space and mounting holes to fit another pair of cheek blocks if I decide to bring any other lines to the helmsman. It works quite well although the angle of pull is not quite right yet and I may fit a lacing eye or another turning block to improve this.

I would appreciate any feedback from those who know more than me on this subject.