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Having done some research on capsizes it seems most of them are associated with a Genoa. Very few had a 100% or smaller Jib up. A smaller Jib has much less tendency to scoop the wind. So if sailing in gusty conditions that’s my suggestion, switch to a smaller sail and it’ll be much safer to cleat it off. I’ve been in gusts to 30 knots with my 95% jib cleated off and the boat still doesn’t go over.

I was sailing a 25ft keelboat the other day, exactly the same. With 150% Genoa out the boat heeled like crazy in the gusts, but with it furled to 100% the boat was much happier. Big genoas are for up to 12 knots, no higher! I’ve heard of the really big ones being good only up to 7-9 knots.