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@matoi wrote:

Here’s a photo of Matt Sharman’s Water Witch

That is much like my set-up. However, if I were to do it again I wouldn’t use the expensive swivel-cleats but just simple (home made) pedestals under the cleats. A swivel is only useful for the mainsheet IMHO. The swivels are not only very expensive (if they are by Harken) but they also serve no real purpose and take a way premium sitting space from the thwart, important for the crew to shift their bottom while balancing the boat in light winds. This b*tt space is even more important when the crew is married to you, or worse, your daughter…..

I have adjusted all my cleats to disengage when the sheet is pulled in the normal way. This was done by changing their height and angle relative to the fairlead. I believe this to be a basic safety feature and I would not go to sea on a boat where the cleats are not carefully adjusted, the only alternative being cleat-less sheeting. I would expect every owner to go through this exercise. You can fabricate the wedges and fillers needed yourself but the cleat makers sell them ready made from the same material as the cleats as well.