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Colin Parkstone

Have a word with an Enterprise sailor for some hints.

A good jib pole at the correct length is a must and you can sail by the lee a lot more without a spinnaker so your track close to the lay line better.

Do not go for a jib pole at the class spi pole length, its to long and go for the spike and hook ends so you can gybe it faster.

I sell my sails often or at the end of each season, they are a good cost saving over a new suit and have only a season use on them most of the time. Others do it also so that could be a move for you and they will be in good condition for a club sailor.

An old spi is good to start with, use and learn with it then when you have done that your feel able to use a costly new one if you want.

Down side with old sails are the setting of them is hard work in light winds and could drive you to distraction but its a start!!

Enjoy!!!! You have many things to master with that sail ? But Oh what fun it is with one.
ps, VMG ??? Did you used to have a cooker in your last boat?? 😆