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Once on shore we got the bucket and bailed her out. Lessons learned. Do not go out without the sail already reefed and do not get caught out late on the water. Reposition the jib cleats so they can be easily released. Carry a bucket or two always. Get a bigger pump the lift pump was hopeless. Keep that radio on the person. Train hard do it for real easy. Make sure you are with a trusted competent partner to practice like this, you need to be comfortable in the water under pressure. Did we learn a lot about the boat? massive yes. She did sail really well full of water with waves breaking over her sides. Got a real buzz at the same time. Push the limits extend yourself in controlled but not always totally safe conditions and improve. Cheers Steve.
Having slept on yesterday, I am still not sure why the boat wasnt coming into wind when we were trying to right her. I wonder if we should have had a small drouge and deployed that. Perhaps that would have put her head to wind.
Any ideas or the experience of others in similar situations would be appreciated. Cheers Steve.