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I had a look at the International website (well one of many), where both Perfection and Toplac are described as being for “above the waterline”.

Perfection is a linear polyurethane that is chemically catalsyed using isocyanates, ok to apply by roller or brush but literally lethal if sprayed on without wearing positive pressure breathing gear. Toplac is a urethane modified alkyd, termed an enamel paint.

Like you I was concerned that a cruise could mean leaving the hull immersed for a few days. The man at the International Paint Help-desk was not bothered with periods of up to 6 days but would not go beyond saying that extended periods of immersion risk the paint lifting. I guess he was covering himself and it is probably good for longer, but I cannot imagine needing to keep the boat afloat for more than a week or so.

What ever you use do not be afraid of thinning the paint and apply lots of light coats with a roller and tip-off with a foam jenny-brush. A friend in the car repair business recommends using Scotchbrite to dull the surface between coats, it seems to take less paint off than fine wet and dry.

I recommend a book by Don Casey called Sailboat Refinishing ISBN 0-07-013225-9. He is an American so some of the terms he uses are a bit different, but an excellent book about repairs and paints.