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Just wanted to share with anyone interested in this topic – I’ve just finished my summer holiday sailing with the bridle attached to eyes that hold those blocks and springs for spinaker sheet (at gunwhale, about 70cm forward of transom). Mainsheet purchase there 2:1, gybing rope with ring added at center.
Sailed in light and strong wind conditions, upwind and downwind, lots of gybing to test this.

Mainsheet tension when beating remains civilised (never even needed to turn on the ratchet function on the center swivel block), as far as I can tell – sailshape is not ruined as with complete-centre system, and mainsheet never got caught under rear corner in gybes.
There is one thing though: when raising or lowering the sail, mainsheet can get under the tiller. But in my expereience it’s just a matter of getting used to pay a little attention. It seems it doesen’t happen while sailing.

All in all I like it very much.

Best wishes to all!