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Another winner last night

9 Boats ventured out into a pleasant F3 sunny evening race. Someone pulled the plug so the water was rushing out of the harbour and leaving shallow patches to catch centreplates by surprise (those with deep rudders also reported depth issues with the plate raised).
Frank led at the first mark, Paul and Phillipa took the lead for most of the rest of the first lap before misjudging the lay line to the leeward mark allowing Jacky past to lead across the line at the end of lap 1.
The wind eased a little for the second lap, Richard and Derek in a Mk2 learnt from the leaders on the first lap and crossed the tide early to work the left side to emerge with the lead at the 2nd Windward mark and succeeded in holding off all the MkIVs to take a well-deserved win from Jacky then Steve. Only three boats managed to return to shore before it got dark.