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Colin Parkstone

One thing that helps to keep the paint or varnish on floorboards is to round the edges of the boards completely.
Paint does not like square edges !!!

Also, if the ply is new, Epoxy the edges and fill any holes in the inner core with thickened Epoxy.

This as your see is a very open part of a sheet of ply and is also end grain which will suck up any water it can!!

I have always started to Varnish any plywood with 2 part Poly Varnish first, thinned to start with then std mix on later coats. Its cheaper also than a coat of Epoxy and less likely to wrong with moisture in the air.
Not everyone paints in there lounge!!!
Its a harder coating and soaks in well, then I have put 1 part on top for ease of ware.