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Here is that old myth again.

Assuming an engine that would push a Wayfarer over its hull speed would be too heavy to carry on the transom, you can’t push a Wayfarer over its hull speed. The tide is then a navigational issue and has nothing to do with engine power. An engine is a sailing aid, not a navigation aid. Sailing is what you do relative to wind and water, navigation is getting somewhere. So, if you can’t beat the tide once you are at hull speed its just bad luck or bad planning. You have to change your destination or wait until the tide turns. Increasing the engine power does not help.

Hull speed is speed through the water, not speed over ground. Suppose you are sailing at 5 knots against a 5 knot tide. For someone ashore it seems as if you are at anchor, The truth is you hard at work, sailing at 5 knots but your navigation gets you nowhere.

The other day I was sailing on engine power (2.2 Honda) along with another Wayfarer who had his 4 HP running. He was only slightly faster pushing his stern deep in to the water, creating a big wake. His engine weighs 24 kg against my Honda weighing only 11 kg. And it sits on a spot where you least want it, at the stern. 24 kg on the stern is like having an extra crew member sitting just aft of the thwart.