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@jim wrote:

2. A 2HP motor is not sufficient when sailing on the sea at UKWA events. You may be asked to tow a buddy!

I have regularly towed two boats with my Suzuki 2.2. And Isis (W10290) has done the same with a Honda 2.2. But I could not do it with my old motor, a 40 year old Christler 3.5 HP.

It is not all about HP but also about efficiency and the type of screw. Since the boat speed of a Wayfarer is limited (hull speed) I had a “work” screw mounted from the start. If you buy a new motor this can usually be done at no extra cost. A “work” screw delivers more torque at the cost of a lower top speed. As long as you can reach hull speed with a “work” screw it is OK and you have the added torque for towing.