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Dave Bevan

@nickgiles wrote:

The invitation to renew our insurance cover required a declaration that the motor would be secured to the boat by a “purpose manufactured antitheft device”

What is a “purpose manufactured antitheft device”? Any locking device would fit this description, but I assume they mean something specific for the particular outboard you have.
We don’t leave our boat unattended with the outboard on the transom, but during transit, and sometimes when parked in dinghy parks etc, ours (2.5hp Suzuki) is wedged under the thwart in a padded bag and secured with a bicycle U lock and substantial cable around the thwart. Nothing will stop the determined thief, but it will hopefully deter the opportunist. The prevelence of cordless power-tools effectively means that any commited thief is more likely to damage the boat than try to deal with any anti-theft devices in situ.