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Hi Matt,

There is a few posts on this subject already, and I would recommend that you have a quick search as they are pretty comprehensive.
For example:

Maybe not specifically all on the Honda, but good none the less. There are various pros and cons for either length. There is much to be said to be able to stow the engine in the rear locker, but for me it all depended on the position of the mounting.

My own Wayfarer has a cast aluminium V type bracket bolted to the transom which then takes an offset bracket which positions the engine mounting higher than the top of the transom. When I read the recommendations on my Mercury and did the calculations, I ended up opting for a long shaft to ensure adequate water above the cavitations plate on the leg.

Run the calculations yourself based on where your engine will be mounted and you may well end up with the shorter shaft which will be cheaper and be easier to store.

As I say, have a search on the forum, it is very helpful.