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Hey! I lay claim to the oldest and truest Wayfarer, a sail number alone is not good criteria as I can bet it will have modern fittings and aluminium.
Our Andiamo (boat name) is W429. I would suggest this boat story is extraordinary, as not only is the chine hull and decks original, but so is the boom, the mast, rudder – and of course their associated fittings. The shrouds and halyards are of course replaced (they wear out). But wait! we sail with the original sails, we don’t have any others. They each bear the certification signature of a Mr Arden and the date 31/5/1961.
We also know the original owners who placed the order with Smallcraft in 1960, for family cruising just as we do now. Their kids grew up in the boat as have our own. They spotted our conspicuous sail colours (blue genoa and yellow main) using binoculars from their retirement beach hut on Lee-on-Solent foreshore a few years ago. We arranged to meet and now regularly anchor off and wade ashore for a cuppa. We are planning a birthday party of course!

At 50 this has to be the oldest, truest wayfarer, unless you know different?