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How about this variation on the theme: 8ft oars will fit in the cockpit of a Mk 1 (Dear Old Ian Proctor designed the floor to be a single sheet of ply – like the gent he was) but there seems to be a preference for slightly longer oars (or is that just the W World?), which won’t go. Then I see sweibertje is suggesting keeping gurt long punting poles on the shrouds. Presumably these are pretty thick and this set me thinking – why not stow oars on the sides of the mast or on the shrounds? Even with 8 ft oars this gets them out from under your feet for the 95% of the time you aren’t using them. too much windage? hostage to fortune in any other sense? what do we think?

cheers folks

Boris W6330 Delphy

PS I looked into getting the carlisle oars mentioned by matoi – lordy goodness they are pricey – approx £450 shipped from the US: you can get a new outboard for that!