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A dry sump has a scavage pump in the crank case lifting any oil to the seperate resevoir that the feeds the oil pump. This idea intended to stop the drag on a crank paddling oil and mainly to stop the pick up pipe being starved during extreme braking and cornering, i suppose it would save oil seeping through the rings and guides when the engine was led down but oil mixed with fuel seems perplexing! To make this feasable you would have to do away with the oil pump and oil and pass the fuel/oil mixture around the crankcase and into the cylinder, presumably via the vave train……
I think the tappets would struggle for lube and isn’t the point of a 4 stroke to be fuel efficient? These things would smoke like billy o and are probably noisy because the tappet box is digesting itself. I think maybe it’s a dry sump with a seperate oil tank and the fueling system as standard 4 stroke. (‘change’ oil once a year?)
This has got me thinking now, off to check up!