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Hi Tim.
Normal everyday car body filler is a polyester filler not epoxy. Cosmetic use fine but has no real strength.
Delron (nylon) chopping boards available for pennies just about anywhere. They are the bog standard cheap boards that are designed to let the chopping knife cut the surface of the board without blunting the knife. You’ll know them when you see them, they often have one smooth side and one with a channel around the edge for chopping meat and are usually white but can be any colour. I picked up a pack from a supermarket recently for about £3 with three different size boards in. Very handy as the smaller boards were thinner than the bigger ones, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm respectively so any combination of packing thickness can be made. Try any supermarket, Poundstretcher, Homebargains etc etc.
The screws in the foot may be seized. To avoid damaging the head use the correct size quality screwdriver bit and apply maximum downward pressure while turning. If the screw won’t budge try nipping it a tiny bit tighter first. The foot may be bedded on sealant and may need tapping with a hammer once screws are out or even the application of a wide chisel under the base so take both.
Wouldn’t pack the track instead.