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Well Andrew the set up you show is just what I have on my wooden boat. I sat a track in the gap between the two seat slats. This had to be curved slightly to get it in.

My jib sheet goes from the sail to a block on the track then to a ratchet turning block and finally to a swiveling bulls eye and jammer. The jib sheet is accessible by both helm and crew so single handed sailing is not a problem.

The long track is very useful when I reef the genoa to optimise the sheeting angle and with the track sat in the gap it keeps the seating area clear. Certainly not comfy. I find that after three days Wayfarer bum sets in and it doesn’t matter what you sit on you get sore.

I have the kicker, spinnaker halliard and genoa reefing lines led back to the helm fixed on the centreboard case. There is plenty of room for sleeping and the lines do not have to be moved.

For all things Wayfarer you would find the Cruising Conference near Nottingham invaluable. It is only a couple of months away and you would be most welcome.