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Colin Parkstone

Micheal, thanks for your input. iwill try and cover your points as follow’s,

I would like see in place a rule to cover the movment of the heel to within the parameters of the existing mast and heel by having a resticted number of useable holes in the mast step. Thats one idea!

I would also say that the mast and the boat would still be built with the holes for the pin in place so that all the other points you say are good can still be used. They do not have to be removed as I see it as people like to use them.

The pin would then become an option for the racer but useable by all.

Adjusting the rake would be limited as it cannot be done after the five min gun has sounded, thats in the rules.

As for the taller mast, point noted !! that can be covered but I have not worked out a rule yet!!

My intention would be to keep things as close as they are already, just take away the pin when racing!