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From reading the rules, all the measurements on the mast are taken from the centre of the mast pin. Removing the requirement for the mast pin will mean there is then no need for the pin holes in the boat to line up with the holes in the boat, and so you can have a taller or shorter mast for example.

As already pointed out, it allows an adjustable mast foot and far more scope for playing with mast rake. I think removing the pin is creating a whole new set of complications, rather than ‘simplifying’ the rig. Also, I find the pin useful for hoisting the mast single handed in a controlled manner. People from other classes have often commented on how much easier and more controlled it is to raise and lower the wayfarer mast that their own class.

On the other hand, I would fully support carbon spinnaker poles. First line of the class rules:

“The intention of the class rules is to ensure racing within the class on even terms whilst maintaining the boat‘s characteristics of constructional strength, ease of handling, suitability for family sailing and day cruising and moderate cost.”

Carbon poles are easier to handle, whether racing, family sailing or day cruising. They are stronger than alloy ones. They are available at moderate cost. Boats with carbon poles are not going to be measurably faster. What are the objections?