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Colin Parkstone

Trevor, This measurer say’s its not fine unless told otherwise by the class.

Lets face it, a length of elastic can be pulled to any position you like and is not in the same ball park as the pin the rest of us sail and tune with.

A conversation about finding a way to not use a pin or bolt is for only one reason and the same one I have had with myself as well, how can i get more or less mastbend without removing the pin. You can’t!!! So lets find a way to not use it!!

This is why i would like to have the pin removable and the heel held within a max and min measurement from the transom so as to not have, to vast an area of heel positions which some boats will not be able to achieve.

Then we would remove any chances of people useing elastic or no pin at all when out on the water where it cannot be policed.