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Read on, the appendix has this:

SWS: As of 1978, the SWS permits removal of all side benches when racing. However, the minimum weight of the boat shall never be less than as per rule 25.2. This changes rule 22.2(e).

And then there is this:
25.1(c) Items which shall be included during weighing:
Hatch covers.
Forward side benches.
Bow plate.
Centreboard pivot bolt.
Mast step.
Rudder hangings.
Sheet horse.
Shroud plates.
Stem band and keel band [see Rule 11.4(e)].

In Denmark it is perfectly legal to remove the front benches after the boat has been weighed. The rules do not say when the benches may be removed……
There is no text that states the boat must be sailed in the exact same configuration as it was scrutinised. I am sure there are more loopholes in the rules.

But this is beside the point I am trying to make.
I think we should include much more parts in the weighing process. A boat with a carbon pole should weigh the same as a boat without one to eliminate any weight advantage Carbon may bring. (If only to satisfy the Carbon sceptics). We should start weighing boats including their spars and rigging before we allow carbon parts.