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I don’t think you need a sliding gooseneck for a boom tent – I don’t have one so I just tied the boom to the mast at the right height – I also use a halyard at the gooseneck end to hold the boom up – the outboard end is held by the crutch so no problem. Where the tack of the sail is held by a split-pin there are two lugs on my boom one on each side of the boom (through which the split-pin passes). I tuck one of these into the mainsail track on the mast and I wind the outhaul line from the boom round the mast back onto the boom and whip it round in whatever way seems to work – that seems to be enough to keep the boom against the mast.

Now – I’m no expert at this camping lark – I’ve only done it a couple of times but this lash up seems to work.