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On the subject of staying in the boat….

Having ruined my last two races by falling over and taking the boat with me I had a trial sail in a K1 ,the single handed keel-boat last week . The venue was Chipstead lake and the wind was ‘ variable ‘ .During one of the more variable moments I fell out but the keel prevented the boat from accompanying me – it stayed vertical with the self – tacking jib keeping it going .

Fortunately I had kept hold of the main sheet and from a very wet position outside the boat was able to redeem myself somewhat by steering the boat to the safety of the jetty . All this on the 40th anniversary of my greatest day in dinghy sailing when I won a Merlin Championship race in a fleet of 143 and Lesley was born that same evening . How the mighty were fallen !!!

But from what I was told I am the oldest trialist of a K1 – a record I believe I might ( should ) keep !