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It was another respectable turnout for the second event in the series – the Southern Area Champs at Shoreham last weekend. Congratulations to Bill and Lisa for sailing fast and consistently throughout the weekend.

Geof Gibbons proved that he can “walk the walk as well as talk the talk” (I did wonder after he challenged Ian Porter on some of the finer points of sailing at the training day at Shoreham last year). Good news from Parkstone – they now have 18 Mark IVs in the club and are organising training events to develop their skills.

The photo on the Y&Y website catches Pete and me in our moment of glory when we led the fleet for the first lap of the first race on Saturday (I will draw a veil over the rest of the weekend for us). Big Al had a similar moment of glory on Sunday but then broke something on his boat.

I have learnt that the Pork Pie chaser is in Australia at the moment (but no excuse for not keeping in touch with us via the Internet). A source tells me that Richard and Phil from Medway have ‘wimped out’ of the first two events, but will be turning up eventually. They have also been volunteered to help me with training day at the Nationals on Thursday 19 July. Medway are putting a lot of thought and organisation into the Nationals and they deserve our support.

I understand that Richard and Mark have sold their boat Devil’s Advocate to a club member at Haversham – another Wayfarer fleet that is on the up and up.

I must admit that I won’t be at Tata Steel. We are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee by joining in the on-water events at Southampton. But we will be back for Hayling Island.