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@Jonathan Jenkins wrote:

3. Does anyone recommend adding any additional bouyancy – maybe under the sidedeck – or are the bow and stern tanks adequate?

One of the great strengths of the MK1 is that it is fairly easy to right and doesn’t have a great tendency to invert. If you put buoyancy under the side decks you will make the hull float too high when capsized, which will make it much harder to right and more likely to invert.

The front and rear tanks should have foam blocks in them which are theoretically sufficient to prevent the boat from sinking even if the tanks flood. If you want to improve the buoyancy you could add more sealed buoyancy within the tanks, but perhaps the most useful thing of all is to ensure that the tank hatches seal properly and do a full buoyancy test as per the class regs. If both tanks are properly watertight then there isn’t really much to worry about.