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Bob Harland

@Jonathan Jenkins wrote:

1. Bilge rail protection. What is the correct proceedure for attaching bilge rail protection? I assume a brass strip is the preferred method, plastic being cheaper but probably not up to the job?

Here is the relevant piece from the class rules:
11.4 Keel band.
(a) Shall be fitted the entire length of keel and stem to stemhead or stemhead fitting, and on both sides of the centreboard slot.
(b) Material. Durable corrosion resistant metal.
(c) Thickness. 7 (1⁄4”) maximum.
(d) Width. 20 (3⁄4”) maximum.
(e) Additional keel bands. May be fitted, but their weight shall not be included in the hull weight (Rule 25) and they shall comply
with Rules 11.4 (b), (c) and (d).

Attaching the band is usually done with short self tappers, There is a possibility that you will need to beef up the grp for the fasteners – but you will find that out when you drill the pilot holes. If so some epoxy filler. If the grp is sound then some sealant will be sufficient.

@Jonathan Jenkins wrote:

3. Does anyone recommend adding any additional bouyancy – maybe under the sidedeck – or are the bow and stern tanks adequate?

The bow and stern tanks are indeed adequate – as long as they are reasonably watertight. Some leakage is permissable under class rules. So a buoyancy test is strongly recommended.
The catches for the hatch covers can be troublesome if not well maintained, if you were to lose the rear (or front) hatch in a capsize the boat would be impossible to right without beaching. So that is the main thing to guard against.