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Good advice, I wondered why a website I read said to put the “oil” in the bottom hole, rather counter-intuitive, I did not realise it was more like grease.

I will have a look at the impeller while I am down there, do you know if there is a gasket likely to be on the impeller housing? Not much point in putting a gasket/joint there as it is water inside and water outside but I wondered if I need to get a spare gasket before removing the housing cover.

I intend to re-paint the leg and bracket as the aluminium corrosion (mostly surface, not too serious) has bubbled off the paint in a few places. I have some etch-primer, does anyone have any advice on painting an outboard, I imagine there are some things you just don’t want to get paint in, like the water intake (which appears to be a really tiny little hole).