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Hi Mike.
I’d also noticed it’s been pretty quiet. I was going to do the mucky bottom cruise on the Humber, Without warning I finished up with emergency admission to hospital so missed cruise, out of hospital, a week after getting all clear fer’ the big “C”, got the bl%%dy pig flu, got over that and ended up with blood poisoning! an’t wait for this year to be over. Need to get on the water. LOL.

@Mike Summers wrote:

Is it me or has this Forum gone very quiet of late?

After a forced break while I explored the pleasures of Swine Flu, finally got back to painting Kes, my MkII GRP boat (4137)

I had already laid one coat of finish over an epoxy primer and two coats of undercoat. Rubbing down was tedious and rather disappointing as the boat went back to looking rather shabby, but today I have brought back the colour and shine (see pics).

Which made me start to wonder…

I have heard that a slightly matt finish is better below the water-line, something to do with micro-turbulence making the hull more slippery as the surface layer of water cannot stick to the surface of the hull.

Any fluid dynamicists out there?