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A mast should not have pre-bend. It should be as straight as a ruler! Pre-bent is something you get from tensioning your rig.

Mast from ocean going racers need to be supported well, compared to a Wayfarer mast they are very thin walled and long compared to their diameter. In other words, they are relatively weak. The Wayfarer mast is a strong mast with thick walls compared to its diameter and length. It is not easy to bend it. I tried to straighten an old mast once. While sitting on two saw horses, it took three persons jumping on it to get it to permanently bend. I cannot imagine that laying a Wayfarer mast sideways on two supports can bend it. Or course it is always better to be safe then sorry.

However, I would avoid point loading it at all times. A bit if foam will help. (Isolation foam for warm water pipes from a home appliance shop works well).