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The wood I was referring to is a packing piece immediately under the foot of the mast which sits on top of the fiberglass and not the main block that the screws go into which is underneath. As far as I can tell at this stage the piece between the brothers is still solid but I will check it and replace if it proves necessary.

Thanks for the suggestion of putting the aft most bolt in, thats a good idea as it will prevent any possibility of the mast over balancing forward when erecting and I think may still be accessible ( just ). I guess that it should be just touching the mast so that when underway the mast will be pressed against the bolt to transfer even more of the load to the keel.

The new style mortice and tenon style composite foot that I have to replace the existing flat foot and wood packing piece is too large to fit without reducing the length of the mast a little. I suppost the only remaining question is should I shorten it by ‘just enough’ which requires a very accurate measurement but would result in the new step being fixed directly onto the fiberglass or to cut or by a ‘bit more’ which would require a new packing piece between the new step and the fiberglass which requires the extra process of making a perfect sized packing piece (I’m not sure there’s any advantage to doing it that way though with my hacksaw skills being less than perfect may well be what I end up doing.)