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@winsbury wrote:

I therefore plan on taking out the old mast foot and shortening the mast from the bottom by an approporiate amount in order to fit one of the new Selden composite mast feet and matching step. This will remove the need for a wooden block and get a really positive connection between the mast and the center of the boat.

I’m a little unsure what you mean by “This will remove the need for a wooden block” …

On the Mk1 GRP, there is a wooden block under the fibreglass top that is formed by the extension of the centreboard case. This is screwed or bolted into the brothers (the verticle parts fo the tabernacle) to transfert the weight of the mast through the brothers to the keel. Im not sure which bit of wood it is that you are hoping to get rid of .. the one under the fibreglass? I hope not, thats really needed to fix the brothers firmly etc.

On mine, as in the case of many others, that bit of wood rotted away, leaving the step just sitting there.

I replaced the (now rotted) bit of Pine with a nice lump of hardwood, carefully sized and packed with well wetted fibreglass mat. You ,ust make certian the weight of the mast sits on the foot, and the foot is sitting on a block of wood (under the fibreglass) that is formly bolted or screwed to the brothers to take the weight directly to the floor of the boat.