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Colin Parkstone

Should that be the other way round Norman ??

If the pin hits behind the hole in the mast then the bolt in the track needs to move AFT, not forward ?

Inside the mast or in the luff groove, does not mater I would say so keep as you are.

The foot pin will need to be left in after you have done all your setting up and the pivet pin has to be in place when you race.

You have the older type of spreaders and bracket,it may be hard to get the newer type of spreaders to fit your bracket.

I think the important thing for you to do is to get the spreader tips to the proper position which is aft in your case, they will only be working against pre bend as they are.

Pre bend in a mast is not the same for each sail make,each sailmaker can make a sail with differing luff round so 11/2 may not be for your make of sail, find out how much it shoud be from the makers info or be prepared to change this for your sail.

More Good Luck

C P 😕