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No expert but here is my view.

Your spreaders are short in length but the distance between the shrouds at the spreader is 965mm, which is the recommended distance.
In achieving that correct distance with the shorter spreader length, the spreaders have been angled further forward than normal.
By doing this, it fails to exert sufficient pressure to induce bend.

Spreader length is quite critical and is normally set according to the usual crew weight.

Crew weight under 23 stone: 505mm
Crew weight 23 – 24 stone: 515mm
Crew weight over 24 stone: 525mm

All measurements taken from mast wall to shroud.

It would appear that new spreaders are required.
This may be a cheaper option but you will still need to adjust the spreader angle by re-drilling the bolt holes.

Check that they are suitable if considering purchasing.