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Colin Parkstone

That ping only comes about if you have a space behind the mast heel to a stop bolt in the mast step.
Next point i would make is that your spreaders are not back far enough at the tips, they will only bend the mast backwards being so far forward.

Maybe take the spreaders out and redrill the pivot hole near the front of the spreaders which will allow the spreader to move forward at the inboard end??

Try taking the spreaders off, see if the prebend gets better in the right direction and then offer them up to the bracket to see if you have any chance with them.

This MAY?? indecate you may be in for some new ones.

Next, does the mast hit the front of the mast gate, if so your to far forward!!

Spreaders can be cut about to allow you to use them for each class, not all spreaders are made for the backet you have so you may have new spreaders in an old bracket.

Good Luck,

C P 😕

Ps, are you near any other Wayfarer clubs who maybe able to help?