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Thanks, Gents, for the input. Colin, I will certainly try redrilling the pivot hole to allow more backward movement of the tips. I had a browse through a Proctor Mast handbook (cost 50P !!!!) that came in the paperwork that I had forgotten about. A couple of points came to my attention.
1. Apparently the spreader tips end fitting, can be adjusted outward up to an inch on either side. They are held in by a small self tapper screw. If it is not seized in position, I will first try extending the tips to give me about 20mm more each side (to increase slightly the 140mm from the luff groove which I currently have). Obviously this will also increase my spreader span from the 965mm which it currently is. Would this be very harmful to the mast or rigging ?

2. The Proctor handbook mentions that on an “E” section mast, the halyards should run down the luff groove and not through the main chamber at the front of the mast which they do on my boat. Does it make any difference? I was thinking that if the pull of the Jib halyard was down the luff groove, the mast would be more inclined to pull forward, though the spreaders will obviously have much more effect. As I won’t be near the boat for another few days, I don’t know anyway if the mast has the necessary holes to run jib and mainsail halyards down the luff groove.

On actual rigging. each time before tensioning the Jib halyard, I pulled the mast back to the Foot Track Pin. Is this the way to do it or should the Track pin be left out and only inserted after prebend has been obtained.The mast rake was within limits.

As the nearest active Wayfarer club is about 50 miles away I thought I might try the forum first for help.

I will let you know how I get on after I get back to the dinghy and try (a) extending the tips and (b) possibly redrilling the spreader holes. Thanks, Dave