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Is your mast set-up right? When it is set-up right you should be able to get one or two fingers in front of it with the rig tension off. First check your mast rake and pivot pin. The pin should rattle freely with the tension on, the rake measurement is described in detail on every Wayfarer web-site. Once that setting is OK and there is still no space between the mast and the deck, check if there is something glued in there that does not belong to the boat and remove it with a little persuasion.

I have never heard of a boat that was build without space between the mast and the deck, so make absolutely sure there is something there that does not belong before you start hacking away. That is also why my first thoughts are to check the mast set-up.

Maybe you could ask one of your fellow club members to help setting up the mast? It isn’t a difficult job once someone showed you the ropes, but it can be a hassle if you only have a piece of paper to guide you. There is also the UKWA cruising conference or the UKWA race training event where you will meet lots of knowledgeable people willing to help you (bring your boat). Other than that, I can think of worse ways to spend a weekend. (What was the name of that pub again?).