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I have installed a center jammer and a ratchet block at the end of the boom for extra purchase, the mainsheet has a carbine at the end which means its possible to quickly re-rig for conventional rear boom end sheeting just by re-running the sheet through the blocks without the center jammer. The jammer is set up with the cams above the sheet and angled so it doesnt accidentally jam on even when fully hiked out ( most of the time ) and is relatively easy to un-jam. In my experience it is rare that one ever wants to jam the main sheet but has been useful on ocassions when swapping helm/crew duties in light winds without heaving to first of when needing a hand free to eat a sarnie or put on gloves while holding a steady course. It definitely important to set it up so that in the heat of the moment it doesnt accidently lock on during a bad gybe which invariably results in a very exciting if unplanned 360 while trying to work out what the hell just happened !