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Hi Colin
It’s not a bad idea to reduce the number of opens to four a year, but I have just committed to six open meetings in 2014 (see front page of the web)! Six good open meetings, I think, and supporting clubs with active home fleets which I think is very important.

I don’t think we need to worry about the ‘bash’ at Weymouth. We have 21 expressions of interest so far and they are not the ‘usual suspects’ (apart from you and Big Al) Monica has been whipping up support in Ireland and we have provisional entries from Denmark and Holland.

Mike McKechnie is returning as event organiser assisted by Monica and me. NoR and Entry Form is nearly ready. We have a PRO in James Gollop assisted by the brilliant Frank Newton. Monica is organising a 60s disco.

Free parking, on site, for the Motor Home community. I am going to moor my floating caravan more expensively in the Marina.