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Yes, when the mast hits the back of the fore deck, and the mast foot is against the pin, you have reached maximum bend. Further mast bend would need other adjustments such as, for example, mast rake. There are limits to what we can do, defined by the position and diameter of the pivot holes in mast and tabernacle. Racers need to have the pin in to ensure they all have the same play in trimming the mast. And that is the only function of the pivot holes and mast pin. (You could step the mast without a pin).

Note that we also use wooden chocks in the gap in front of the mast to limit mast bending in light winds. One or more T-shaped chocks allow a decent amount of luff tension on the Genoa without flattening the main. Genoa luff tension is needed for good pointing. Make some chocks from an old nylon cutting board or ply wood (varnish). Drill a little hole for a thin rope that ties them the mast. This is to prevent them from jumping over the side when not in use. The T shape prevents the chocks from slipping below deck when in use.