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@Colin Parkstone wrote:

You will not be so lucky with a bare mast section,I am sure they do not sell them !

I am not sure if the Dutch agent can weld the pivot tube in, but I am sure I can buy a mast without spreaders and sheaves. He puts them on only after receiving an order. I think there is an economical reason too, it would be a waste of money and space to stock masts with all equipment on. The Dutch agent showed me his milling rig (set-up by Seldén) to accurately mill holes. He told me he has sections available to suit many boats. Only the position of the hounds, spreaders and sheaves differ. I did not ask him about the pivot hole though. Maybe there are just two or three base masts to solve the pivot hole issue?

Are you saying your only option is to buy a mast complete with spreaders and what not? I am having a hard time believing that. Surely there must be an option to replace a broken mast by re-using good parts from the old one? From an efficiency view I can’t imagine Seldén stocking only completely rigged masts.

Anyway, it can’t hurt to ask.